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Has anyone besides me noticed that Lucas Oil is trying to take over all aspects of racing so they can stick it to the fans even more. Now they have come up with a scheme of "protect the harvest" so the poor farmers are protected, Does anyone realize that Mr.

Lucas is only thinking about himself. Go to take a look at his cattle ranch in Mo. Oh, it's quite small, like maybe only a billion acres, and a few hundred thousand cattle, not to mention hi Bull Business. Ha!

no pun intended but I would say what most people truly know about his businesses, is they are multi-billion dollar companies! Guess who is paying for that! You the consumer! Who has their name as sponsor on almost all facets of racing?

Who charges $10.00 more per head to watch races that the local racetracks charge for the same show? But they don't have all the fancy concrete jungle,the golf carts giving you rides. His new thing protect the harvest was started,and funded by Mr. Lucas.

Anyone seeing a pattern here? All the while he is telling folks it's in their best interest to follow his lead. If I had a Billion dollars I would ask you to give me more too! His fence surrounding his land cost more that most people spend on houses in California in their lifetime!

Ohhhhhhhh poor mr. Farmer Lucas, I sure want to help you to protect the harvest.

Oh by the way if you want to help support Protect the Harvest please send in $35.00 for a lousy *** T-Shirt. Don't worry all profits will go to helping out the poooooooor Farmers, the ones driving the new trucks, and live in the big *** houses!!!

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Lucas' "Protect the Harvest" campaign actually has another plan in mind ----- they are giving millions of dollars to state political campaigns toward candidates who promise to protect GMO farmers and billion dollar factory farms that are under pressure to treat animals more humanely and to operate without polluting the waters of local communities.

In Missouri, "Protect the Harvest" donated money to a candidate who promised to amend the state’s constitution to guarantee that “the right of Missouri citizens to engage in agricultural production and ranching practices shall not be infringed.” Which means, no regulations -- including how they can use pesticides and GMO.

This is a BAD group. I'm very sad to see billionaires like Lucas Oil taking over the racing industry --- I know most racers would NOT be happy to know what the Lucas family stands for.

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